Laser therapy

A new therapeutic technique

MLS® Laser therapy is very effective for treating pain, inflammation, and oedema, accelerates the healing process in superficial injuries (wounds or sores) and improves local circulation and the regeneration of damaged tissue due to its ability to penetrate deep into the tissue. Therefore, it is often an improvement of the quality of life for the animal (and owner!). The shortness of the treatment, the speed of the dose, and the therapeutic response speed make it a perfect therapy to use on horses. MLS Laser therapy is scientifically proven through biomedical research and clinical tests performed by international research centres.


Cracked lips are a common problem with horses in general. After doing a lot of research with a rein pressure device, it turns out that the rider is not always the one to blame. In addition to the correct bit size, proper fit, and pressure of the bridle, other factors should certainly not be dismissed. We are asked to treat horses with cracked lips regularly. Once a horse has a cracked lip, the skin will remain weak for a more extended period. That is why it is essential to check whether the bridle and bit fit perfectly. In a carefully planned treatment plan, we will allow the skin to recover in a controlled manner and ensure that the lips will be able to take on the pressure as they once could. After years of researching different treatment methods to treat cracked lips properly, we settled on the MLS Laser.

Price indication:
Treatment of cracked lips €60 per treatment, excl. travel costs


The use of the MLS Laser is very versatile due to its maximum efficiency, speed, and safety in treating various sports injuries. And it can be used without being painful or experiencing any side effects. The MLS laser stimulates local circulation, so the wound or injury heals faster, and the cell structure will come out stronger. Pain caused by damaged tissue will also subside, and any inflammation will be reduced. Due to a special probe, the treatment can be carried out very precisely, which means the effects also reach deeper tissue while not doing any thermal damage. This is exactly why this laser device is an excellent addition to our field.

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Price indication:
Treatment of an injury €60 per treatment, excl. travel costs


During a detailed body analysis, your horse is subjected to a complete check-up. We will make a detailed analysis based on muscles, ligaments, and a variety of motion tests. This analysis will guide the laser treatment for the horse to ensure that its entire body is treated. By analysing and re-checking the horse before each treatment, you can see the overall picture without focussing too much on one aspect. This fresh outlook will help us prevent any strain on the horse.

Price indication:
Body analysis laser treatment €110 per treatment, excl. travel costs


  • Laser therapy for cracked lips
  • 60
    per treatment*

    5 treatments for €270 (10% discount)

    10 treatments for €580 (20% discount)

  • Laser therapy after an injury
  • 75
    per treatment*

    5 treatments for €337.50 (10% discount)

    10 treatments for €675 (20% discount)

  • Laser therapy for body analysis
  • 110
    per treatment*

    5 treatments for €495 (10% discount)

    10 treatments for €880 (20% discount)

*the above prices do not include travel costs.