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Master class Bits and Bridles

A bridle and/or a bit that doesn’t fit well hinder your horse in his movements. If you put on a bridle structurally wrong or adjust it wrongly, then you have a big chance of wounds or even injuries. Of course you want to prevent this. How to do it right, I will explain to you in this Master Class!

The right equipment is important for your horse, but you also have to use it in the right way to achieve an optimal result. That is why I decided to give this Masterclass, in which I explain to you when a bridle hangs correctly.

This Master class is for everybody who has affinities with horses and wants to improve the connection between rider and horse, giving the horse the space and freedom to move optimally!


– How does a bridle hang correctly? What do you have to pay attention to?
– What do we mean by an anatomical bridle?
– The noseband, what is its function?
– How to find the right bit for your horse?
– What are the differences between a water snaffle and a bustle?

…and much more!



17:00h              Reception
17:30-19:00h   Presentation
19:00-19:30h   Break
19:30-20:30h   Continuation




30 January 2023


3,5 hours



17.00 – 20.30h

€44,50 per person incl. VAT

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The Biomechanical fitting educational programme of 2FitHorses is a widely orientated programme that discusses a lot more than just bits. The biomechanics of the entire horse is included: the skeleton, muscles, tendons, and joints. In addition to the extensive theoretical background, we will also put that knowledge into practice, so you understand how it influences the horse. Several specialists, such as a dentist, vet, chiropractor, nutritionist, and saddle fitter, will explain which complications can occur and what causes them. You learn to assess a horse during its natural locomotion and what form of flexion in the muscles is correct. And how to use your hands to feel and distinguish matters such as tension, adhesions, or other issues caused by training, injuries, or overcompensation. The comprehensive orientation is what I liked best about this programme and Karin's knowledge. The fact that you can review a horse in its entirety and learn to collaborate with various specialists to help a horse and rider progress is great. I am grateful for Karin and all the knowledge I gained and my experiences during and after this programme. Not only to help out customers' horses, but also my own horses. What is truly incredible is that if I have any doubts, I can always discuss them with Karin to figure out how to help a customer best. She will be there for support even after you have finished the programme. It is a very intense and instructive programme, and I believe that it is essential to give it your full attention and energy. It will help you to finish it successfully!