Fitting Educational Programme

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Biomechanica Fitting Educational Programme

With a Biomechanical fitting certificate in the pocket, you will be in high demand as a sparring partner for riders and stable management. Because we teach you to think out-of-the-box and keep looking for solutions, you can genuinely help horses (and riders). This includes working as a team and knowing when to refer the horse to the right specialist. As a biomechanical fitter, you will learn how to prevent overcompensation and how to complete the entire puzzle. By working, you will prevent horses from becoming injured in the future, and you provide professional answers to the riders pursuing their goals. You will also be able to solve any complex issues.



ca. 10 hours per week


Throughout the Netherlands at fixed locations


Upon request


15 months, 24 course days, 4 online meetings

About the programme

The purpose of the Biomechanical Fitting educational programme is twofold. On the one hand, it provides in-depth knowledge about anatomy, and on the other hand, it broadens the expertise in the field of locomotion. The focus is on answering complicated issues that might occur regarding contact, engagement, and locomotion.

This educational programme will enable you to progress from acting according to function to focusing on finding a solution. You will learn how to deal with multidisciplinary issues and challenges.

This allows you to make the transition from horse to rider. In addition, you will get to fully spread your wings in terms of personal development and discover your leadership qualities.


We believe that the quality of the lectures strongly depends on the teacher’s expertise and how this expertise is shared. To ensure a high-level quality, Karin always teaches all courses herself. The success rate of this approach shows in the participant’s feedback.

Specialisation and broadening

The programme is concerned with the following areas: anatomy, biomechanics, personal development, and communication. Through knowledge integration of various topics, you can establish an integral overview of the biomechanical fitter’s challenges.


Graduates of this programme can take on different roles such as bit fitter as well as problem solver. Due to the wide-ranging set-up of the programme, it is also a valuable addition to, for instance, saddle fitters, instructors, physical therapists or riders who are already more advanced in these matters.

Target students

You are driven, flexible, have a passion for horses, and wish to be trained as a Biomechanical Fitter. You want to qualify yourself as broadly and skillfully as possible.

Below you will find an overview of the set-up of the Biomechanical fitting programme.


– Bits
– Bridles
– Single bridle
– Double bridle
– Girths

Anatomy and locomotion

– Anatomy
– Biomechanics
– Palpation
– Analysis of movement

 Guest lectures

– Physiotherapy
– Veterinary medicine
– Dentistry
– Saddles
– Homeopathy
– Craniosacral therapy
– Laser therapy
– Coaching

Solving issues

Issues with:
– Contact
– Engagement
– Locomotion
– Neck
– Corners of the mouth
– Tongue
– Bars
– Muscles
– Immune system


To follow this Biomechanical Fitting programme, you need to have an intellectual ability equalling higher professional education and be at least 21 years old. Before starting the 2FitHorses educational programme, we will invite you for an initial interview (intake). This enables us to assess whether this programme is right for you, meets your requirements and allows you to truly develop into one of the best specialists in the field of biomechanical fitting. If the interview has a positive outcome, a practical demonstration might be required. To successfully finish this programme, it is necessary that you have sufficient experience around horses, both in terms of riding as well as handling. The costs of the initial interview are €50 per person. Based on this interview, you will receive a recommendation and can be admitted to the educational programme.

Duration and course load

The Biomechanical Fitting programme takes 15 months and consists of 24 course days and 4 online meetings. Outside these lectures, you need to schedule time for a course load of ten hours per week on average.

Lectures and timetables

The lectures will take place at monthly intervals and take up three consecutive days: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. During these days, theoretical and practical lessons will alternate, and we will also have guest lectures.


The Biomechanical Fitting programme is offered throughout the Netherlands at fixed locations.


For all modules, we use both Dutch as well as English literature. All lectures are given in Dutch. 2FitHorses provides all lecture materials.


After successfully finishing the programme, you will receive the certificate ‘Biomechanical Bit Fitting’. This means you have met the following requirements:

  • you attended all the practical lessons.
  • you handed in any homework assignments on time.
  • you successfully passed all theoretical and practical exams.

Still not convinced?

Here are the reviews of customers that preceded you:


The Biomechanical fitting educational programme of 2FitHorses is a widely orientated programme that discusses a lot more than just bits. The biomechanics of the entire horse is included: the skeleton, muscles, tendons, and joints. In addition to the extensive theoretical background, we will also put that knowledge into practice, so you understand how it influences the horse. Several specialists, such as a dentist, vet, chiropractor, nutritionist, and saddle fitter, will explain which complications can occur and what causes them. You learn to assess a horse during its natural locomotion and what form of flexion in the muscles is correct. And how to use your hands to feel and distinguish matters such as tension, adhesions, or other issues caused by training, injuries, or overcompensation. The comprehensive orientation is what I liked best about this programme and Karin's knowledge. The fact that you can review a horse in its entirety and learn to collaborate with various specialists to help a horse and rider progress is great. I am grateful for Karin and all the knowledge I gained and my experiences during and after this programme. Not only to help out customers' horses, but also my own horses. What is truly incredible is that if I have any doubts, I can always discuss them with Karin to figure out how to help a customer best. She will be there for support even after you have finished the programme. It is a very intense and instructive programme, and I believe that it is essential to give it your full attention and energy. It will help you to finish it successfully!