2Fit Consultation

During a 2Fit Consultation, we offer a complete service that enables us to use our entire repertoire of expertise to make a horse move to the best of its ability and solve any issues.

Our golden formula


2FitHorses always comes in with an open mind when we start by assessing the horse's body condition. From head to tail, all the muscles, bone structure, and ligaments are checked. We will perform small tests to see what the horse's limitations and problem areas are. Naturally, the head will also be subjected to a full assessment. This is how we get the complete picture and can give you sound advice. By taking such a close look at the entire package, we do not only encounter underlying issues, but we can also offer you advice on how to improve those minor issues.

Checking tack

All the tack will be checked. By checking all products, we can find out which products might be restricting your horse's locomotion.


We always analyse a horse while it is in motion. A horse will first be presented in its own tack while we perform the analysis of its locomotion. In doing so, we can make a proper analysis and provide insight for the rider. We can precisely connect the dots between any issues that might come up after assessing the horse's body condition and the analysis of its locomotion.


Step by step. A bridle consists of seven parts that need to be assessed separately. If you change two details simultaneously, you will feel a difference, but your horse cannot make a distinction in its reaction. By changing everything independently and in small increments, you can genuinely refine things perfectly down to the smallest detail!


The horse gets to choose. We do not like making concessions – absolutely out of the question!! Your horse gets to choose and no one else. We will not try something because we think it might be better, and we are not making any decisions based on aesthetics. Your horse will make you feel the difference while riding. And yes, the difference will be so significant that it will be noticeable from the sidelines and can be captured on camera. No matter how minor the differences are, a horse knows what feels good and what does not.


We love to complete the puzzle. We analyse the entire horse and, if necessary, refer you to specialists that can help you solve the puzzle. Because let's be honest, there is no room for doubt. That is why we would like to help you get all the answers.



During a 2Fit Consultation, we will look for perfection by fine-tuning things together. During the consultation, we will start by assessing the horse while stationary by looking at and manually assessing its body. Then, you will present your horse with its own bridle to see how your horse's locomotion is and if there are any blockages. This is our starting point. Once we are done making the assessment, we will start a step-by-step fitting: headpiece, noseband, pads, and, eventually, the bit. Everything will be one step at a time while you ride, so you can immediately feel any changes. We will look on from the sidelines and assess what biomechanical changes the body shows. This way, we can fine-tune everything together for an optimal result. Through our 2Fit Design system, our bridle can be taken apart piece by piece to combine parts that you need with parts from your own bridle that you wish to keep. Price indication: Complete single bridle is €380| Rein (optional) €90| 2Fit Consultation for a single bridle is €199.



As soon as the class Medium/Advanced Medium is coming up, you are allowed to start riding with a double bridle. Choosing the right bits and correctly fitting them can be a real challenge, especially when you have no experience. We cannot state this clearly enough: a double bridle is NOT a solution for any training problems! Once again, we start the fitting appointment by checking and assessing the horse's entire body. We assess flexion, extension, and locomotion. As a starting point for fitting a double bridle, we always look at the snaffle bridle and bit that is currently being used to train the horse. Then we will change out parts of the bridle or bits step by step. In addition to the bits and headpieces, we also look at nosebands and pads in various shapes to go under the bridle. Once this is complete, it is time for the next step: fitting the curb bit. Once your horse is feeling good on a snaffle and you add the right curb bit in the right place, your horse will continue without any trouble. When you wish to ride with a double bridle, make sure you do so correctly, and we are happy to help you with that as well! Price indication: Complete double bridle is €430| Reins (optional) €90| Double bridle reins (optional) €85| 2Fit Consultation for a double bridle is €229.

If you would like to read more about our philosophy and method, we would like to refer you to this article in Dressuur magazine.



A bridle has an immediate effect (pressure distribution) on the C0-C1 (occipital condyle/back of the head – atlas/first vertebrae) and nose. Many horses benefit from a pad since the pressure of the bridle is more evenly distributed due to its use. Price indication: Small €24.50 | Medium €29.50 | Large €34.50 | Head €34.50.



The girth has an immediate impact (pressure distribution) on the sternum and surrounding muscles. When we talk about self-carriage, lifting the sternum plays a considerable part. That is why 2FitHorses has developed a special line of products consisting of various girths made of incredibly soft leather to support biomechanical self-carriage optimally. All girths are anatomically shaped and provide free range of movement to the front leg. Our job is to determine which type of pressure your horse accepts while still achieving the proper engagement. Price indication: Available in sizes 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30 at €285.

Still not convinced?

Here are the reviews of customers that preceded you:


I have always been pleased with your products since they truly changed my horse for the better. Never knew how much the fit of a bridle behind the ears could affect the horse. Thank you so much for the terrific service!! And I truly mean that. I did not know that a bridle and bit could make such a difference. Even a pad (or no pad) makes such a huge difference. So there is only one thing left to share: my compliments!!



My horse will only perform when wearing your bridles! I was stubborn and tried a different brand. That was terrible (according to my horse), and so I concurred ?. I am done gambling. When I get a new horse, I immediately call 2FitHorses - they save me a lot of trouble!



The essence of what 2FitHorses represents makes her company and method of working very unique. To start with 'unique': each individual is unique, as is each horse. That is why it is so important to see what a horse needs and what it does not need. Not everybody likes the same shoes, and the same applies to bits, girths, and bridles. Each bridle is made up of various parts, and each part can feel different or trigger a reaction. That is why it so difficult: the puzzle never seems finished. Sometimes you do not know where to start, and sometimes you do not know whether the last pieces of the puzzle will fit. 2FitHorses specialises in these types of puzzles. Each piece of the puzzle is dissected to get the best possible result from it. It requires a lot of knowledge to be specialised. Biomechanics is no different because if you are walking uncomfortably all day long, you will start to compensate, and due to compensating, injuries will occur. Something we are trying to avoid at all cost. 2FitHorses has developed several headpieces, nosebands, and girths. In addition to working with proven brands of bits, the fact that each piece of the puzzle is taken into consideration makes that the puzzle will finally be complete.



2FitHorses is truly an addition to your horse's management! You want everything to be perfect for riding: your saddle, your bridle, and your bits! And for the latter ones, there's Karin Toetenel. Karin can make the difference between a gold or silver medal. It is because of Karin that the communication between my horses and me has greatly improved - happy horse, happy rider! In addition to being fantastic at her job, she is also a lovely person. Karin is a perfectionist, takes her time during appointments and is always there for you 24/7. Karin Toetenel & 2FitHorses are, therefore, a team I cannot do without! Thanks, Karin.



I first encountered 2FitHorses 1.5 years ago. My mare had recovered from a long-lasting injury, and we finally made it back to training and competing (Advanced Medium). My trainer advised me to look into bit fitting, and I did not know what hit me. The positive change Karin could achieve with a fitted bridle and bit. Horses cannot talk, but my mare was quite clear in what she liked and did not like. The same scenario happened again when we had a fitting for a girth. Once again, the mare obviously showed what she liked and did not like. We benefited from this in our training and have since made it to the next Advanced class. Many pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, but we are not quite there yet. My mare is by no means a dressage horse in appearance (she was bred for jumping), and she has three basic gaits. She is very eager to work, physically capable of working and is always ready to go. I, therefore, feel obligated to her to do everything in my power to make things work. After consulting my trainer once more, I decided to ask Karin to come for a double bridle fitting. Just to see if we could fit another piece of the puzzle into place, so training might just go a little bit more smoothly, and we could shine more confidently in the arena. It was perfect timing: a double bridle has a lot to offer. More stability in contact results in a more quiet seat of the rider and a horse that can really make more of a connection, meaning the exercises will go more smoothly too. I am a perfectionist but can also be really on the fence about some things. When I buy a new bit or girth, I always keep second-guessing myself. Is the bit at the right height? Is it the right size? Does the noseband need tightening or loosening? Is this the best girth? But now Karin has fitted everything, I can let go of any doubt. She has so much knowledge that I have absolutely no doubts about the tack and whether this is the best choice for my mare or not. Together with my trainer and thanks to Karin, we can feel confident about any upcoming competitions!!



I was only working at Stal Brons for a short time when I met Karin. Karin is someone who has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist while looking at what you and, especially, what your horse needs. My horse was suffering from a cracked lip for quite some time, and I was at my wit's end... I tried everything! Then I met Karin, and she told me that she could help Ivy by lasering the affected spot twice a week. She could also advise me on how to heal cracked lips, said that it needed time, and reassured me by saying that it could fully recover. And she was completely right! When she works on fitting a double bridle, she really takes her time and properly cares about your horse, which was necessary as my horse is very sensitive. I benefited so much from the perfectly fitted bridle during training and competitions that I also purchased a snaffle bridle. However, when she designed bridles with rose-gold buckles, I picked out a new double bridle and made sure it had a rose-gold browband and buckles! I love it so much - it looks stunning! True perfection, and to put the finishing touch, Karin designed a browband based on my competition outfit and made it in such a way that it perfectly matches my horse and me. Karin also designs girths, and since I am such a fan of her bridles, I also wanted to get a girth, and wow! The difference a girth can make is astonishing (of course, it also has rose-gold buckles ?). I can honestly say I am very happy with and enthusiastic about Karin/2FitHorses. She uses excellent, high-quality materials and provides a great service! I cannot wait to see what kind of beautiful designs Karin comes up with next ?.



Two years ago, Karin came to my yard to fit a single bridle. I had heard of bit fitting, but watching Karin work is something you have to experience for yourself. In contrast to what many people think, there is a lot more to it than just switching bits. Karin gets the best out of any combination with her expertise, eye for detail and propensity for perfection. As was the case for Fermani and me. Her expertise shaped the combination of my horse and me today. Karin has drastically changed my horse's posture, self-carriage, and locomotion with her products! This is why, in addition to my snaffle bridle, I also asked Karin to custom fit my double bridle and girth. Proper tack that allows your horse to work to the best of its ability truly makes a difference. Because every horse is unique, as are Karin's products. Once again, words cannot explain. You will have to experience it for yourself.