The girth has an immediate impact (pressure distribution) on the sternum and surrounding muscles. When we talk about self-carriage, lifting the sternum plays a crucial part. Our job is to find out which type of pressure your horse accepts while still achieving the correct form of engagement.

This is why 2FitHorses developed a unique line of products consisting of various types of girths made of incredibly soft leather to optimally support biomechanical self-carriage with proper engagement resulting from lifting the sternum. All girths are anatomically shaped, without negatively influencing the pressure on the ribs and/or behind the elbows and allowing for extra range of motion of the front leg. In addition, the girths are available in various sizes because this too affects the ribs and the use of the elbow.

Our girths do not contain elastics, and the buckles are also anatomically shaped. This protects the horse from experiencing any unnecessary pressure on the side of the ribs.

But what about being fashionable? That is why we offer a choice of four colours of buckles for our girths:

  • gold-coloured
  • rose-gold
  • silver-coloured
  • black

The 2FitHorses Type 1 girth is anatomically shaped. This girth is made of the softest leather and developed so that the girth will completely shape itself after the horse’s anatomy. Due to its exaggerated curve shape and impact on the back of the sternum, the girth allows the horse to create that extra bit of lift.

The 2FitHorses Type 2 girth is anatomically shaped. This girth is made of the softest leather and developed so that the girth will completely shape itself after the horse’s anatomy. Due to its anatomic shape and impact on the centre of the sternum, the girth ensures that the horse has the freedom to create that extra bit of lift.

The 2FitHorses Type 3 girth is anatomically shaped. This girth is made of the softest leather and developed so that the girth will completely form to the anatomy of the horse. Due to its subtle curve shape and impact on the entire sternum, this girth gives the horse the option to comfortably create a lift with sufficient locomotion freedom of the front leg.

The 2FitHorses Type 4 girth is anatomically shaped. This girth is made of the softest leather and developed so that the girth will completely form to the anatomy of the horse. Due to the curved shape and impact on the sternum, this girth gives the horse the option to create a lift with additional locomotion freedom of the front leg.

Matter of pressure distribution!

We offer three options regarding the 2Fit Design girth’s availability: you can make a 2Fit appointment in which we custom fit a girth (and so much more!), or you can order our 2Fit Box, which allows you to try out the girth yourself while still being guided by us or separately if you know which one you want.
  • 2Fit-Consult
  • 997
    gemiddeld standaard consult
    • Possible for both snaffle bridles as well as double bridles
    • Assessment of the horse’s body condition
    • Analysis & assessment
    • Assessment of locomotion in your own tack; the starting point
    • Fitting a headpiece (in motion)
    • Fitting a noseband (in motion)
    • Fitting a bit (in motion)
    • Fitting pads (in motion)
    • Option to test reins and other materials that need changing at that particular moment.
    • Option to have a girth fitted (in motion)
    • Final analysis and conclusion
  • 2Fit Box
  • 349
  • Four different varieties

    • Size: 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30
    • Four colours of buckles; gold, black, rose-gold and silver
    • Two colours of leather

Still not convinced?!

Here are the reviews of customers that preceded you:


I have always been pleased with your products since they truly changed my horse for the better. Never knew how much the fit of a bridle behind the ears could affect the horse. Thank you so much for the terrific service!! And I truly mean that. I did not know that a bridle and bit could make such a difference. Even a pad (or no pad) makes such a huge difference. So there is only one thing left to share: my compliments!!



My horse will only perform when wearing your bridles! I was stubborn and tried a different brand. That was terrible (according to my horse), and so I concurred ?. I am done gambling. When I get a new horse, I immediately call 2FitHorses - they save me a lot of trouble!



The essence of what 2FitHorses represents makes her company and method of working very unique. To start with 'unique': each individual is unique, as is each horse. That is why it is so important to see what a horse needs and what it does not need. Not everybody likes the same shoes, and the same applies to bits, girths, and bridles. Each bridle is made up of various parts, and each part can feel different or trigger a reaction. That is why it so difficult: the puzzle never seems finished. Sometimes you do not know where to start, and sometimes you do not know whether the last pieces of the puzzle will fit. 2FitHorses specialises in these types of puzzles. Each piece of the puzzle is dissected to get the best possible result from it. It requires a lot of knowledge to be specialised. Biomechanics is no different because if you are walking uncomfortably all day long, you will start to compensate, and due to compensating, injuries will occur. Something we are trying to avoid at all cost. 2FitHorses has developed several headpieces, nosebands, and girths. In addition to working with proven brands of bits, the fact that each piece of the puzzle is taken into consideration makes that the puzzle will finally be complete.



2FitHorses is truly an addition to your horse's management! You want everything to be perfect for riding: your saddle, your bridle, and your bits! And for the latter ones, there's Karin Toetenel. Karin can make the difference between a gold or silver medal. It is because of Karin that the communication between my horses and me has greatly improved - happy horse, happy rider! In addition to being fantastic at her job, she is also a lovely person. Karin is a perfectionist, takes her time during appointments and is always there for you 24/7. Karin Toetenel & 2FitHorses are, therefore, a team I cannot do without! Thanks, Karin.



I first encountered 2FitHorses 1.5 years ago. My mare had recovered from a long-lasting injury, and we finally made it back to training and competing (Advanced Medium). My trainer advised me to look into bit fitting, and I did not know what hit me. The positive change Karin could achieve with a fitted bridle and bit. Horses cannot talk, but my mare was quite clear in what she liked and did not like. The same scenario happened again when we had a fitting for a girth. Once again, the mare obviously showed what she liked and did not like. We benefited from this in our training and have since made it to the next Advanced class. Many pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, but we are not quite there yet. My mare is by no means a dressage horse in appearance (she was bred for jumping), and she has three basic gaits. She is very eager to work, physically capable of working and is always ready to go. I, therefore, feel obligated to her to do everything in my power to make things work. After consulting my trainer once more, I decided to ask Karin to come for a double bridle fitting. Just to see if we could fit another piece of the puzzle into place, so training might just go a little bit more smoothly, and we could shine more confidently in the arena. It was perfect timing: a double bridle has a lot to offer. More stability in contact results in a more quiet seat of the rider and a horse that can really make more of a connection, meaning the exercises will go more smoothly too. I am a perfectionist but can also be really on the fence about some things. When I buy a new bit or girth, I always keep second-guessing myself. Is the bit at the right height? Is it the right size? Does the noseband need tightening or loosening? Is this the best girth? But now Karin has fitted everything, I can let go of any doubt. She has so much knowledge that I have absolutely no doubts about the tack and whether this is the best choice for my mare or not. Together with my trainer and thanks to Karin, we can feel confident about any upcoming competitions!!



I was only working at Stal Brons for a short time when I met Karin. Karin is someone who has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist while looking at what you and, especially, what your horse needs. My horse was suffering from a cracked lip for quite some time, and I was at my wit's end... I tried everything! Then I met Karin, and she told me that she could help Ivy by lasering the affected spot twice a week. She could also advise me on how to heal cracked lips, said that it needed time, and reassured me by saying that it could fully recover. And she was completely right! When she works on fitting a double bridle, she really takes her time and properly cares about your horse, which was necessary as my horse is very sensitive. I benefited so much from the perfectly fitted bridle during training and competitions that I also purchased a snaffle bridle. However, when she designed bridles with rose-gold buckles, I picked out a new double bridle and made sure it had a rose-gold browband and buckles! I love it so much - it looks stunning! True perfection, and to put the finishing touch, Karin designed a browband based on my competition outfit and made it in such a way that it perfectly matches my horse and me. Karin also designs girths, and since I am such a fan of her bridles, I also wanted to get a girth, and wow! The difference a girth can make is astonishing (of course, it also has rose-gold buckles ?). I can honestly say I am very happy with and enthusiastic about Karin/2FitHorses. She uses excellent, high-quality materials and provides a great service! I cannot wait to see what kind of beautiful designs Karin comes up with next ?.